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The missing years

One thing missing from my introduction to fanfic tale, is what else that drives me towards fandoms. As a child I had a dream (ok, Martin Luther King moment over). I daydreamed a lot, mostly in the time between going to bed and going to sleep. It was a simple dream to begin with, with simple storylines, based around my alter ego, the person I wished I could be. Of course I needed characters to fill this dream and I took them from what I saw around me, namely TV and film.

This is how daydreaming took over my life
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The Story of How Fanfic Took Over My Brain

OK, I haven't been updating this for years as since my last post I have become a live journal ghost, if I read something here I rarely comment (sorry!) and even that has become a rarity due to my unplanned defection to fanfiction.net (again...sorry!). But here I am, out of school 18+ (take that parental controls) and in uni.

I thought that now, with a long summer ahead of me I should start doing a post once a day, be it a Drabble or a sentence; hell, even a word would be better than my community presence over the past few years.

So, today, I would like to introduce myself and how I, a complete innocent became involved with this community.

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Ha Ha.... Look Mommy, a fic!

Title: His Brother's Keeper
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/Lestrade
Characters: Sherlock, Lestrade, Mycroft
Summary: Mycroft always looks out for his little brother, usually to said brothers objection. And those around the younger Holmes always seem to get caught up in the sibling quarrels.
AN: this was written along the format of the 221B challenge, (a fiction exactly 221 words long with the last word beginning with the letter B) the idea was given to me by kaitou1412 and her cake fic, apparently the challenge was created by KCS

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my socks

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flapping back into view, many things have happened in the last few months, have now got a boyfriend, v,good, he is amazing!
i have also spent the last few months organising an epic story that will go on for many chapters, im gonna see how many of my fav fandoms i can squeeze into one story arc.
i've finally got round to posting on here as i have found myself housebound with concussion, after 3 hours cooped up in an NHS hospital, i have now lost all faith in the british heathcare system. Will try to remedy this situation with some very nice chocolate i have.
Missed all of you amazing guys here on livejournal.


Drabble Merlin

Oh you know how it is.  1 o clock in the morning and a short drabble idea comes to you and you have to write it down. After minor tweaking, here it is.
no beta so any mistakes please tell me and i will fix it.
comments loved

Title: Hidden

Rating: G
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur (sort of)
Warnings/Spoilers:  none
Summary: I am hidden from the world

Word Count: 100
Notes:  really bad but  insistent fic

I am hidden from the world, from everyone. I have to hide the magic that defines who I am; such a large part of me, so hard to conceal. How can you hide who you truly are? Even from those you wish you could trust, but know you can’t take the risk.

I wonder whether he realises who’s been keeping him safe. Maybe someday I will be able to confide in him, but for now I cannot tell how much control his cold-hearted father has over him.

 The magic is me and I have to hide it; I am hidden.

Richard Charlesworth
IVE MET HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I JUST MET AN OLYMPIAN IN ASDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he was wearing his team gb jacket and i recognised him from the papers and i went up to him and said hi and had a chat. HE SHOOK MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!           How cool is my life?


removing fandoms from mind

This is failing. In the last three months i have discovered three new fandoms
Diagnosis murder
Captain Scarlet
so now im trying to concentrate on work. it was working yesterday up until i went past a lawyers company on the way back from swimming. The company was called Malcolm, Jones & Metcalfe
of course this managed to remind me of
  1. Star Trek: Enterprise   Malcolm Reed
  2. Torchwood    Ianto Jones and/or Martha Jones
  3. Captain Scarlet   Paul Metcalfe- real name of Scarlet
So of course as soon as i got home i'm on the computer concetrating on fandoms instead of everything else that i stressing me out at the moment.

BTW the fiction coming out of the Merlin fandom at the moment is amazing
go to merlinxarthur


Ta Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Back.
 That was a longer rest than i expected!!
Update...... Oh sod it, cant remember everything
Here are the highlights (and the lowlights)
  1.  My holiday cottage nearly flooded!
  2. I wathced nearly every second of the olympics
  3. I met thsi guy that i really like....dont know where this is goint to go!
  4. I fell over and sprained my ankle..no swimming training for a week
  5. A yoghurt exploded on one of my best friends today, seriously, he had it splattered all down his back.
  6. Have decided i will be starting a diary (in a book) will be easier to update than here. Im not leaving LJ though, I cant leave all that fantastic fiction behind


I'm going German!!!

Ok the weirdest thing happened yesterday.
Welll i stubbed my toe really hard, and seriously i thought id broken it. so i swore. but the word that came out of my mouth wasn't even English! it was German. That meant i had yelled something in German without even thinking about it. Isnt my life strange